Otippad vinnare - The Finkler Question

Howard Jacobson heter årets Bookerprisvinnare. Han får priset för romanen The Finkler Qustion.
Bookerpriskomitténs ordförande Sir Andrew Morton sade: "It won because it was the best book. You expect a book by Howard Jacobson to be very clever and very funny and it is both those things. But it is also, in a very interesting way, a very sad, melancholic book. It is comic, it is laughter, but it is laughter in the dark." Motion agreed it is a comic novel but said it was much more. It was "absolutely a book for grownups, for people who understand that comedy and tragedy are linked".

En för mig helt okänd och oläst författare. The Finkler Question sägs alltså vara mycket välskriven och mycket rolig men samtidigt också väldigt sorgsen och melankolisk. Spännande!


  • Coming From Behind, Chatto & Windus, 1983
  • Peeping Tom, Chatto & Windus, 1984 Redback, Bantam, 1986
  • The Very Model of a Man, Viking, 1992
  • No More Mister Nice Guy, Cape, 1998
  • The Mighty Walzer, Cape, 1999
  • Who's Sorry Now, Cape, 2002
  • The Making of Henry, Cape, 2004
  •  Kalooki nights, Cape, 2006
  • The Act of Love, Cape, 2008
  • The Finkler Question
Såvitt jag vet finns han inte utgiven på svenska.

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